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Shenzhen now pick up a new scam bank card password there are tens of balance

Date: 2016-07-25

Pick up the card with the password can find hundreds of thousands of great balance, what is the new scam?Shenzhen nanshan police official WeChat platform has released the new method, warns a citizen must pay attention to, don't be fooled.One day, citizens if picked up an envelope on the road, which not only have a bank card, but also comes with a password, insert the card into the ATM and enter the password, can find hundreds of thousands of balance.This time, don't think nothing, this is the new scam!One opened the envelope, and look at the content of the letter, it was a bribe from an engineering company, thank you is to help the tender Wang Chu long of success.The content of the letter is roughly as follows:Director wang:Thank you for your help to our company, in the process of bidding for inconvenient by thanking, enclosed a bank card, it is a token of my company.Password (150328) is the commencement date, if the problems encountered in the collection, please consult to open an account to deal with the bank (028-87012827).Citizens if pick up this kind of bank card, ran to the bank teller machines out, balance is hundreds of thousands of inside!But, one click take Qian Jian, inside information "will not be accepted.""Not accepted" what is the meaning of this?Were tricked into citizens would be to call the letter said that the bank.In fact this is cheater phone."Sir, check to this card with a $5000 fine for delaying payment, you just turn to the card number is 5000 yuan, you can free access."Were tricked into citizens are eager to transfer 5000 yuan, after the check is still: no!To the!Bearing!Against the!The police revelation scamAfter the occurrence of such a scheme, many bank staff can't explain, because the bank card password after insert ATM can check the balance, that card is really;Whatever reason to cheat is given, to the hands of this PIC card transfer, even before you couldn't get the money, can certainly take turn in money.So, can cheat why fraud success?After verification, the police finally find out the fraud process:First step: the shark's credit card, first do a quota of 300000 but will pass will not be activated or first cancel such means, to achieve "to check the line but not cash withdrawal" results.Step 2: use of bank CARDS replicator replicate several false card, pseudo card's magnetic strip is still this credit card information, but make fraud for false card account above the private accounts.Step 3: the pseudo card and forgery of bribery letter envelopes, spread, deliberately let people pick up.Step 4: the victim picked up by this card, due to the magnetic stripe information is real credit card, the password is right, so the card will show the balance.When take no pay will be called the letter mentioned the card bank (which is actually a fraud phone).Step 5: cheater citing this card to pay the fine for delaying payment, asked the victim transfer to info account activation, in fact, have to put money into private accounts.Because the victim's hand had been hold this card with hundreds of thousands of balance, so generally do not to others, will insist on waiting for the card to activate at home.After a long time understand deceived, liar account money has been transferred, change another account cheat again.