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Media attention demolition of urban villages in shenzhen in the United States: "floor" shaking hands gradually disappear

Date: 2016-07-25

, us media say baishi continent in shenzhen, the concrete cover cover the narrow asphalt lanes sunshine house, house, dense, referred to as "handshake" building, neighbors can greet each other at any time.According to the New York times website on July 19, over the years, the house seems to be close to more and more, from the roof bundles of wires connected to the roof, put a small piece of the city into a dense array of urban villages., streets and daily travel peak time, pedestrians east hide west flash between cars and bicycles, in a noisy night time, the crowd is more crowded.For decades, baishi continent is cheap rented area of migrant workers and visitors, they supported the shenzhen's rapid economic growth.However, the urban villages inhabited by about 150000 people counting: down the long-awaited plan is finally implemented.According to the report, in a hurry to downtown to modernize and to the development of cities, in the eyes of government officials, baishi continent such urban villages is dirty and poor.Their goal is gleaming residential and commercial construction, to confirm the rise of shenzhen.Baishi continent is located in the center of shenzhen, because of its business development potential and long valued again.Transform the area plan, which began in 2005, in 2014, shenzhen officials marked the baishi continent block for redevelopment.In the heart of baishi continent, in factories and offices of shahe industrial zone is due to the broken down at the end of April.Now, the factory is still there, redevelopment plan delayed.In the work of migrant workers know, demolition plan to implement sooner or later.In the industrial area, the wall of the shop that read "demolition sale".Vendors are still in the business, but reduce the stock inventory, wait for the government to inform move.Before this, baishi continent business as usual.In the evening, the women by a well outside the dormitory to wash the clothes.From the residents in the alley pool table, waiting for the demolition of vacancy on the sidewalk near the set up screen.Sell fruit vendors need to earn money, they don't worry about the demolition, a month is a month.According to the report, baishi continent has always been a poor newcomers comfort zone in shenzhen.The rent here is cheaper than developed the neighboring community.A primary school in the village can't receive on shenzhen's public schools for migrant children.Although have been said to demolition, baishi continent vitality and cheap rent is still attracting new business and foreign entrepreneurs.There is a design studio, boutiques and a guest room.The new craft brewing liquor made a scenery line of emerging nightlife.Living in shenzhen for 20 years of Mary Ann o 'donnell said: "for young people, this is an exciting and fashionable place. We want others to see how much baishi continent's vibrant and interest."In 2013, o 'donnell and others together to create the baishi continent handshake "302" the art of space.Run a small computer repair shop in baishi continent blue building, 'said worry demolition like worry day will fall.From four years ago he came here just heard about the dismantlement plan.He saw no reason to protest.According to the report, other urban villages in shenzhen have disappeared one after another, instead of profitable business and residential areas.Former villages xi-gang mansion village demolished in 2009, today it is modern skyscraper everywhere, is the central business district of shenzhen.When the shenzhen government and villagers to complete the negotiations, to buy their land use rights, the fate of baishi continent too.According to the report, baishi continent preparations for the upcoming demolition has begun.In 2006, shenzhen to build a new house in the village is prohibited.Last year, about six feet high concrete walls erected along the village's main roads, easy to conceal is going to the house demolition, shunt customers shopping.Living in shenzhen for 15 years of designer Deng Peng (sound) hope official modification plan, don't dismantle baishi continent.He said that shenzhen is a melting pot of foreign people.Migrant workers need a rest and thrive.Now, new and old residents still continue to do their business, near seems to write "demolition", empty factory indifference.O 'donnell said: "baishi continent is still there, until it disappeared."