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More than 798 Beijing area, rich in elements of shenzhen creative park

Date: 2016-04-08

Oct creative cultural park larger scale, is located in shenzhen oct east industrial zone, is composed of old factory building reconstruction of creative industry workshop, introduction of various types of creative industries, such as design, photography, animation creation, education training, art, etc, and some creative characteristics of concept of related industries such as restaurants, lounges, retail, coffee etc.Here a lot of old factory building forms and retention of the history.In 2005, OCT contemporary art center in creative cultural park southern district;The first in shenzhen city architecture biennale held in the creative culture;Oct creative cultural park was officially in 2006.Oct creative cultural park southern district of Hong Kong introduced famous designer Kenneth ko, Patrick leung's, studio, with one hundred years history and culture of the international youth hostel, design originality industry brand enterprise urban practice, hon wave information base of animation design, oct international media performing arts companies, such as about 40 creative, design, cultural institutions.Based on the successful operation experience, creative cultural park southern district of oct north project upgrade plan launched.North district positioning the front lines, and the trend of creative design as a trading, display platform for artistic creation, fusion "originality, design, art" in a creative industry base.North district has also started the art of public sharing platform of 3000 square meters, brought together a group of multiple progressive, pioneering, creative, design in the field of business, such as the European famous furniture brand Vitra restoring ancient ways, Chinese and foreign cultural art books and vinyl music old heaven bookstore, attention around the world women's fashion women around the world and a net art creative life everyone works of "the Little thing fetish", journal of official concept store Little thing shop and carry forward the way of zen tea YanTao quality businesses.