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The pearl river delta city inn layout Oct base added new stores

Date: 2008-12-26


Creative garden city inn oct shop with "read city" pure and fresh and bloomingAffected by the financial crisis, the global economy downturn and the continued downturn in two to three years' time, all walks of life from all countries are doing everything they can to control the cost, take the "cash is king" of financial strategies to minimize the negative impact of economic crisis.Under this situation, China's hotel industry's development trend is also a shift to shift investment trend of turning to mid-range hotel products.Headquarters is located in shenzhen oct international hotel management co., LTD., a subsidiary of high-quality goods business hotel chain brand, city inn is a typical representative, following the November 20 city inn chengdu width alley store opened and cause tremendous echo in the local, on December 24, the day before Christmas, the company in shenzhen oct stronghold of new creative garden city inn oct also ushered in a grand opening ceremony, it will be the city inn 20 stores across the country.

 Within the hotel is located in shenzhen nanshan district tourist scenic area, adjacent to urban main road shennan avenue, fashion of oct southland scenery and creative cultural landscape panoramic view, and adjacent to the splendid China, folk culture village, window of the world, happy valley.Hotel design and lively plain, bath room and central air-conditioning, LCD digital cable TV, free fast Internet access, domestic and international direct dial telephone, tea set, electric kettle, self-service laundry and other supporting facilities.

 Shenzhen is a beautiful seaside city, is also a young, vibrant and creative city, with the ideas of the pioneer and lead the fashion trend of, also have a brand new consumption concept.Creative garden shop is located in the city inn OCT OCT OCT - LOFT creative park, cultural atmosphere and artistic atmosphere, fashion, creative people gathered in the area, and gathered in the galleries, artist studios and famous design agencies, make the change for art atmosphere.Oct international hotel management co., LTD will be located in the hotel according to local conditions "the most artistic temperament" hotel, to lead the fashion trend, create the new concept of fashion consumption.Hotel AD hoc art floor, guest shenzhen graffiti rip "natural elements" in the sea, sky, the morning, environmental protection, the forest concepts such as novel and unique graffiti on the wall in the guest room design, from the unique Angle to express the understanding of the city of shenzhen, artistic features, present the guest's interest.Design combining with hotel quiet surroundings, strive to explore the elements such as fashion, grace, gladness, animals, characters from the reality of modelling to innovation and changes in the original foundation, fluent mild form, expression peace friendly, builds a quiet atmosphere, fresh and the whole of indoor decorate color photograph to coordinate, to make it naturally into the guest room space.Opening ceremony, a named "read the city image" exhibition in shenzhen, also.The image exhibition exhibition is different from previous image, sense of art and design.Hotel's creative park formerly known as oct east industrial zone, after oct group redefined, the design and transformation, on the basis of the original plant, first create a present a distinct characteristic of post-industrial era new working and living space, become a fusion of "creative, design, art" creative industry base.Hotel building predecessor is workshop, exhibition with "factory warehouse" for the design concept, use local materials, will be in the warehouse vander-waalsforces packaging company nearly 20 kraft paper roll strewn on the scene, and attach some pictures of shenzhen characteristic extremely fine on paper tube, for the guests to visit, creative.According to hotel controller introduces, "read the city" series of activities is oct international hotel management company was launched in May this year large theme photography activities.Activities to follow the "business culture depend on vivid visual carrier to spread" the operating principle, for the city inn chain brand strategy is the most effective visual information.(including activities crew around shenzhen, guangzhou, foshan shunde), dongguan humen (including), zhongshan, huizhou, Beijing, chengdu and other cities inn chains in 10 cities.Photograph the city humanities landscape, cultural relics, historical heritage and urban details of dribs and drabs, and will be display pictures hang in hotel rooms, hoping the move for the city inn into the rich cultural connotation, make city inn consumers read the guide of the city.For the prospect of the hotel, oct international hotel management co., LTD., vice general manager chan pun is optimistic, and published their own points of view: the global economic crisis make China hotel industry is facing huge challenges, but also there are a lot of opportunities: property costs down, the price of hotel supplies will decline.Originally the business trip expenses higher company will reduce the budget, abandoned high star hotel, and choose economy hotel, all of these are relatively favorable factors.Shenzhen recently won the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization awarded the title of "design it all", which contains the business opportunity is self-evident.City inn as a brand of oct group, adhering to the "creative, cultural supremacy" of the brand personality, creative garden city inn oct shop unique culture art design is oct theme hotel in another hotel market in the end, believe that will attract the numerous guests to come to consumption.