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Great with summer travel hot to recommend all of September

Date: 2011-08-29

After the universiade tide play in shenzhenAdjacent to guangzhou, shenzhen, is often as Hong Kong trip a springboard.You may not have thought of, have not been held in all of the universiade city, shenzhen is the youngest.As the 26th world university games ended, shenzhen more add a confident and beautiful makeup look.In September, shenzhen should be preferred.About shenzhen, the Chinese group in memory is a "story of spring".The past 30 years of reform and opening-up as "30" immigrant city, everywhere is full of modern flavor, young, speed, potential, vigor, to weave a beautiful garland in shenzhen.

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With summer in September recommended to travel elsewhereFor guangzhou people, window of the world, folk culture village, happy valley familiar, OCT OCT creative park may be one of the most interesting place.OCT creative garden is the heaven of shenzhen hipsters, its reputation can be comparable to Beijing 798.Creative campus, Loft building around the park, flocks of idealistic, enthusiasm and creativity of young people stalls selling their own creative work, lush trees, also littered with cafes, art studios, galleries, book club, image, etc., the artist carved hollow-out the rusty wagon lines, expressing the infinite yearning for a better life.Nightlife, get to know a young city in shenzhen to go bar.The birthplace of the bar culture in shekou in shenzhen.On March 30, 1987, a foreigner, Rosa in too zi lu to meet the bottom layer of CDH pavilion opened a private club named "nest" the nature of the bar, this is about "first" in shenzhen.Now, by the sea world plaza, along the "zi lu, seaview plaza, tao center, meet CDH pavilion, face toward the cabinet, has been to the south China sea hotel, more than 40 is permeated with Asia, Europe, Africa and America around the world of exotic bar, line, are popular among young people.You just randomly plays with people, can quickly learn from their mouth the most trend of beer and skittles strategy in shenzhen.How to go to OCT OCT creative gardenTake the subway at the east station, exit A, to the west after walking 100 meters arrive enping, along the enping road north again I m that is.

精彩剩夏在别处 9月出游热门地全推荐

With summer in September recommended to travel elsewhereTide play 5 contact in shenzhen1 to see a sea of shenzhenTo shenzhen don't look at the south China sea is absolutely a shame.From the fairy lake botanical garden, the big plum sand to the east oct, can walk while playing, might as well go to buddhist temple first make a wish, and then to brook town tea lane for a cup of tea, tea remembers the romance of the south China sea mountains.Like to open a little, can go to the west, it is located in dapeng peninsula the most south, daya bay in the east, the south China sea in the south, mirs bay in the west, is the longest beach in shenzhen, along more than 300 acres of windbreaks form a beautiful natural barrier, room full of fairy tales of appeal in the forest cabin lined with strewn at random have send, for smooth add a few minutes of romantic beach.In the 2 Shopping Mall ShoppingShenzhen Shopping environment in the country, leading many Shopping Mall size let envy of Shopping in guangzhou.The subway line 1, to direct the yitian holiday plaza, huaqiang north maoye department store shop, yi jing, seibu department of citic store from the city center, vientiane city, KKMall, Jin Guanghua high-quality shopping, they all brought together cuisine, popular logo, bar, luxury goods such as young people's favorite.If you want to buy LV, you can go to vientiane city, there have LouisVuitton, China's biggest flagship store, Gucci, Asia's biggest flagship store, Bvlgari, China's biggest flagship store;Want to buy personalized design brand, can go to a Jin Guanghua, Moschino, TruTrussardi, Robert - to Cavalli brands such as distribution.3 fish raft on seafoodShenzhen seafood is a "fresh" word, travelers can say, only on the fish raft can eat fresh seafood.Shenzhen, south Australia, orange fishing, there are many fish raft restaurants near daya bay, they use the boat to send you to fish raft in the middle of the sea, let you enjoy a seafood dinner.If he is convenient, recommend to yantian seafood street, a restaurant called "sciences" always full.

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Shenzhen bay4 bar street romantic dateShenzhen this young city, the night the most lively place when the bar.Several outdoor bar street, is the most popular COCOPark bar street, shekou bar street.COCOPark bar street about 150 meters long, show L, opposite a small bar together, isolates bars and the streets of the tree, the light shadow is strewn at random, fragrance of rest.Every night, here is full of killing time, atmosphere easily.5 hotels to find comfortableIn a backpack trip, "live" the standard is often defined as "affordable".But in shenzhen, the standards need to be modified as "comfortable and rich individual character.In December 2008, shenzhen global UNESCO creative cities network as "design it all", become the first city to receive the honour.Shenzhen hotel is the most can reflect the design style of the city.OCT creative garden "creative garden city inn nearby stores", but full of humanities and art atmosphere, the hotel outside the common room also set up an art floor, specially invited to some artists, decorate the unique life space, very suitable for "small" wen-ching.

精彩剩夏在别处 9月出游热门地全推荐